Omnimap, the Unified Map for Calgarians on the Go


There are lots of ways to figure out where you’re going in Calgary. You can use a general-purpose map service like Google Maps or Apple Maps, one of the City of Calgary’s single-purpose mobile apps (e.g. Pathways and Bikeways), 511AB, or even that paper map that you forgot is in your glovebox. However, all of

Converting Buffer Dumps from the DSO203 for use in Sigrok/PulseView


The e-Design DSO203 (sometimes referred to as the DSO Quad) is a great little portable oscilloscope for budget hobbyists and field work. It’s compact, runs on battery power, and offers 2 analog inputs, 2 digital outputs, and a waveform generator (although it only comes with 2 probes for some reason). However, it’s featureset is a

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Capstone: Finding the Best Places to Open a Breakfast Restaurant in Calgary

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I decided to combine my love for Calgarian breakfast restaurants (I visited over 50 in 2018 alone) and data science to create my capstone: a report on the best communities in Calgary to open a new breakfast restaurant in, and what to look for when picking a breakfast restaurant location. There are 2 major facts

THRmAL: A 3D Printed Thermal Viewer with 300% More Lasers Than the Leading Brand

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Want to check how even the heating of your printer bed is, or where the heat is escaping your house, but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars on a FLIR camera? Ever looked at your laser-guided infrared thermometer and thought to yourself, “golly, this device only has about 25% of the number of lasers

Hello world!


This site is made to act as a digital portfolio of sorts. I plan on documenting various projects of mine here eventually. I am currently focusing on finishing my IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, after which I will update this with some actual content (and probably delete this post).