IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Capstone: Finding the Best Places to Open a Breakfast Restaurant in Calgary

I decided to combine my love for Calgarian breakfast restaurants (I visited over 50 in 2018 alone) and data science to create my capstone: a report on the best communities in Calgary to open a new breakfast restaurant in, and what to look for when picking a breakfast restaurant location.

There are 2 major facts that can be gleaned from the analysis performed:

Traffic affects how many breakfast restaurants a community can support…

The number of vehicles traveling through a given community has a Pearson correlation coefficient of roughly 0.5 with how many breakfast restaurants are in that community (the two variables have a cubic relationship). Communities that are significantly below the curve may be good places to open restaurants, or may have other factors dragging them down.

…but resident demographics don’t.

There is no significant correlation between any age group of residents, even millennials, and the number of breakfast restaurants in a community. Most breakfast patrons seem to prefer to get breakfast on the way to work, or in centralised locations that they can meet their friends at (like 17th Ave).

You can view the report here, as well as the notebook. Just a warning, however: the notebook is big, messy, and won’t display properly in Github’s notebook viewer due to a dependence on iframes. You’ll need to execute the notebook yourself, with your own API keys, if you want to see it as intended. This is an unfortunate result of the fact that Folium maps will not render properly in JupyterLab above a certain number of features. Don’t worry, though, all the best visualizations were embedded into the report anyways.

The pancake vector art on this blog post is owned by Emoji One, and licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0.