I make things.

Data dashboards. IoT devices. Instrumentation. Halloween decorations. I am constantly driven to create, analyse, and improve. I take pride in being able to produce a functional product, regardless of whether it’s made of code, circuitry, or plastic.

Recent projects:


A unified, mobile-friendly, lightweight, modern map for navigating Calgary.


A handheld thermal viewer with a custom PCB, a friction-fit outer shell, and more lasers than you can shake a stick at (assuming said stick can only be shaken at less than four lasers).

IBM Data Science Capstone

An analysis of where you should and shouldn’t build a breakfast restaurant.

Year-Round Weather Station

A low-cost DIY weather station that can actually survive in Canada.

SSD1327 OLED Driver and Housing

A real-time weather display based on a custom library for the SSD1327.

You can also find me on the following sites: